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Is this bread also called Hunza Bread? I have a recipe found somewhere here on curezone that was called the No Hunger Bread as well as Hunza Bread.
I found basically two kind of recipes under Hunza Bread: the one ..... I've made several batches of the No Hunger Bread over the last few years.
No Hunger Bread Recipes. Hunza Bread Recipe 1. Hunza means golden raisins in Hungarian. This recipe is mixed, kneaded, and allowed to rise in a bread ...
Old Hunger bread is based on a 2000 year old recipe that was created by the Hunza civilization. The Hunzas are considered to be the healthiest people on earth ...
Feb 29, 2008 ... Hunza Diet Bread is a delicious, dense, chewy bread that's very nutritious and is ... to duplicate a recipe from the Hunza's and it resulted in people not being hungry for 6 or more hours. ... No suffering and no urge to snack. 12.
Oct 13, 2008 ... I had read in a book about something called 'No Hunger Bread'. ... This is one of a the "Hunza Diet Bread Recipe" that is charged for on the net.
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Hunza No Hunger Bread Recipe