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I love frybread!! My recipe is a bit different (passed down through the generations from my Yankton Sioux grandmothers) but it's all good...even bad frybread (not ...
Serve with butter, jam, sugar, cinnamon sugar, or what ever you like...or make " Indian Tacos" as you would any other taco replacing tortillas with fry bread.
Recipes from Lakota Sioux ... until well incorporated. Wojapi can be enjoyed warm or cold. A favorite way to eat Wojapi in Lakota country is with fry bread.
Jan 10, 2012 ... Souix Frybread. ... Sioux Frybread ... Homemade Indian Tacos and Indian Frybread Recipe by Hilah Cooking 83,495 views; Thumbnail 17:28
Lisa Little Chief is a Native American cook best known for her Sioux Fry Bread Mix. Watch videos, read fry bread recipes, and stay up to date with Lisa on her ...
Oglala Sioux Tribe ... NativeTech: Indigenous Food and Traditional Recipes · Food and Recipes From basic fry bread to complex game dishes that integrate ...
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Sioux Fry Bread Recipe