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This is your mini-cookbook for How to Cook Chicken in a Toaster Oven. You may also be interested in these other popular Chicken recipes:
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Defrost chicken breasts in fridge overnight, place breasts in 9X9 pan and cover liberally with spices on both sides making sure to lay breasts as flat as possible in the pan. Pour oil over breasts and shake the pan to coat the breasts without washing the spices off.

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You can use boneless, skinless chicken breasts , chicken tenders, or drummettes for this dish. Marinating the chicken in buttermilk overnight makes the chicken extra juicy. Eat it hot right out of the oven, or add it to a cold picnic or a boxed lunch .

Nonetheless, pretending to be clever I proceeded with my own version of chicken parmigiana hoping that our ever-trusty oven toaster would be up to the task. Here's the recipe I used for those adventurous enough to venture into the world of newlywed coking:
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How to Cook Chicken in a Toaster Ov...