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Get this all-star, easy-to-follow Chicken Bog recipe from Paula Deen. ... However, I LOVE southern cooking, and I've learned a lot since I've moved here.
Chicken bog is a Carolina stew consisting of sauteed and seasoned or steamed ... The website offers chicken bog recipes along with other wonderful southern ...
Note: This recipe is what is called 'low country cooking. ... When you're feeling ' bogged' down, make Chicken Bog to cheer up! ... Southern Fried Chicken.
The rice assumes the flavor of the chicken and other ingredients, and in best Southern style, the grains don't stick together. Chicken Bog apparently gets it's ...
May 7, 2008 ... This is a recipe for a classic and flavorful chicken, sausage, and rice dish. ... I cannot say how many times I saw "Southern Chicken Bog" recipes ...
Jun 22, 2009 ... Church functions- family gatherings whatever this is a great throw together meal! this is from Paula Deen.
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How to Cook a Southern Chicken Bog