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In the oven, I'm sure, but for how long and at what temp to ensure a crispy skin without drying out the meat?
Sep 6, 2010 ... I know I shouldn't (or dare) reheat this in the microwave but what are your suggestions for reheating in the oven? Unfortunately, we don't have a ...
I brought some chicken wings home from the bar last night and ... Whatever it is, it makes reheated breaded things crispier than my oven. ... I know of no deep fried foods that taste anywhere near as good when reheated.
Have leftovers from yesterday and it's soggy, of course. Any way to save it?
Dec 19, 2013 ... What is the best way to reheat fried chicken? You must have ordered too much, because we never end up with leftover fried chicken.
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Reheating fried Chicken