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Kaper Chart for Brownie Scout meetings. When girls ... in full color. Was super fun to make and made the new Daisies very excited to start earning their petals!
Help your Brownies to remember exactly what their Kapers entail. The Brownie elves, attached with Velcro, are moveable for easy switch up of Kapers at the ...
In other words, a kaper chart is a way of dividing the jobs so that each girl has a part. To make a kaper chart, first decide: 1. Which kapers should be divided. 2.
There are several ways to create a kaper chart, really it's just like a chore chart you ... Posterboard with dolls – We made ours for 14 Brownies out of heavy poster ...
Are the girls running amuck at meetings, are you going crazy??? Use a Kaper Chart!!! Girls love having responsibilities! Remember, adults can have kapers!
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How to Make a Brownie Kaper Chart