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Hollywood Diet The Hollywood Diet plan complete with the recipe for the juice. ... The Hollywood Diet consists of drinking only the Hollywood Diet juice for two ...
Find the Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet 32 fl oz at ... Tip: if you cannot do without food and just the drink for 48 hrs, try NO carbs or fats with the ...
This is the place to share recipes for those on restricted diets due to diabetes, gout and ... Drink every 3 hours or less (up to 6 times per day).
The Hollywood Miracle Diet is based on the time tested and popular European method of periodic cleansing of the body. All you do is drink the juice for 2 days ...
People all over have tried to analyze what the hollywood diet is made up of. ... The following is the recipe for two days, so you only get to drink half of it per day.
Lose up to 10 pounds in 48 hours with a clinically tested, completely natural and healthy drink. You'll flood your body with vitamins, antioxidants & essential oils ...
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Hollywood Diet Drink Recipe