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This is your mini-cookbook for How to Make a Smith Kearns Drink. You may also be interested in these other popular Drink recipes:
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Cocktail recipe for a Smith & Kearns, a highball drink of coffee liqueur and cream ... personally cacao is my favorite, but if you order it in a bar you'll get coffee.
A delicious recipe for Smith and Kearns, with Kahlua® coffee liqueur, milk ... print this drink recipe save this drink recipe comment on this drink recipe ... Also, 1/2&1 /2 or cream would probably add more body but may not let the CO2 do its thing.
April 18, 2011 Posted in: Club Soda Drinks, Kahlua Based Drinks. How To Make A Smith & Kearns Cocktail. This cocktail was invented by Blue Blazer's Gerbertj ...
Apr 28, 2010 ... How to make a Smith and Kerns, 2 oz. Starbucks Coffee Liqueur, 2 oz. Milk, Top with Club Soda
Oct 24, 2012 ... Who where Smith and Kerns? This is a favorite cream drink classic that's easy to remember. Here's how to make it and add it to your arsenal...
Jun 21, 2006 ... ... first one in Canada. Great after dinner drink. ... 1/2 Photos of Smith and Kearns. more photos ... Sign in or create an account. By Tooltimegirl.
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How to Make a Smith Kearns Drink