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A recipe for Cocoa Cake Without Eggs - - Ingredients -

Cream butter and sugar until fluffy. Add egg yolks, one at a...minutes or until brown. CAKE FILLING: Mixture of crushed...and spread on entire cake .

Beat eggs ; add sugar go through a funnel , but not too...9 inch skillet about 3 /4 inch deep. hot oil. Let cake brown on one side;...syrup, molasses, jelly, or jam).

Butter Cake Or 12 Eggs Cake recipe from Easy and delicious

I have a child who is allergic to wheat, eggs and milk. Is there any sort of cake which I can bake for my child without the above? This is my child's first birthday and my heart is sore not knowing what kind of cake I can bake for her without the above. Please help.

Melt the butter in pot and add the cocoa. Stir and heat for one minute Pour in a bowl and add the sugar and milk, alternately. Then add the vanilla and spread on the cooled cake. If you use round cake pans, spread jam between the layers for a treat.
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Cake Recipes without Eggs