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The Pacific Northwest is blessed with the ability to grow Concord grapes. ... Grapes intended for wine making will have a sugar level (when measured with a ... more or less sugar than the recipe calls for based on the ripeness of your grapes. 2.
Get some background on the concord grape, its use in wine making, and three recipes for making concord grape wine at home - all from
Sep 10, 2011 ... Now everyone loves our wines. We make mainly Concord grape, but have also made purple muscadine, white muscadine, blackberry, ...
RED CONCORD or WHITE GRAPE WINE RECIPE(5 Gallons) ... Grapes; Up to 3 gallons of water; 10 to 13 lbs. sugar; 5 Campden tablets .... Fining your wine does remove some flavor but is probably worth doing for most homemade wines.
Sep 27, 2012 ... RECIPE BELOW - for Homemade Wine that is really good sipped on a cold ... sweet wine similar in taste to Manischewitz concord grape wine.
The Concord grape still remains the most popular grape sold in the United States with the majority of the ... Homemade Dry Concord Grape Wine Recipe
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Concord Grape Wine Homemade Recipe