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Jul 11, 2011 ... The party is over, and you're left with a plate of cooked hamburger patties. What can you do with them?
... soup so they are quite flavorful. Any recipe ideas? What can I do now with these leftover patties (besides. ... Hubby had a birthday party on Saturday and he grilled over 50 hamburger patties. Now I have a bunch leftover.
These recipe cards offer a delicious range of Asian dishes from ...
Jul 4, 2007 ... 4 leftover beef patties ... 7) Look at the following recipes, many call for diced leftover meat, I would just ... Hamburger special pasta salad recipe
and no i don't want to make more hamburgers. ... I have like 20 cooked left over burger patties, does anyone have any recipies that I can use them ... crumble them up in to a lasagna soup- email me for the recipe- super easy
I have lots of ideas for the leftover chicken breasts, but I've never really tried to do ... Wendy's uses their leftover hamburgers in their chili. ... "Mish Mash" at lunch - a grilled hamburger patty, topped with chopped tomatoes, ...
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