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May 18, 2011 ... step by step instructions on how to make your own fringe shirt with beads! very ... making it for a red indian fancy dress!! thanks for the help woo.
Before throwing out that old T-shirt you have hanging around, try giving it a new splash of color and style by ... Starting at one side of the T-shirt, make a 3-inch cut from the bottom towards the top. ... How to Make an Indian Costume T-Shirt.
How to Make an Indian Costume T-Shirt. An Indian costume, whether for Halloween or a Thanksgiving play, need not be a difficult or expensive project.
You can make an Indian-style costume with relative ease and little to no sewing... . ... If you want to save time, you could use a tan or brown t-shirt instead of a ...
Apr 24, 2013 ... So if you want to make this costume yourself, be excited becuase .... But I am Honored that a child loves my heritage and wants to be an Indian!
Jul 6, 2011 ... DIY: make a beaded fringe Tshirt with painted anchors. Of course ... This is a "can do" DIY + you make it look so easy. ... custom Printed Shirt
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How to Make an Indian Shirt