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Mar 6, 2008 ... For a more Mexican dessert though you could do flan, a tres leches cake, or one of a ... Generally, enchiladas are served with rice and beans.
Any suggestions on what to serve with enchiladas other than rice and beans? ... As for dessert you could make flan, tres leches, or churros. .... with fruit for dessert (do it as a sheet-cake-- non-scary and low key for your gourmet-averse friend).
I'd like to serve a salad too -- any suggestions / recipes/ key in. ... He has it as an accompaniment to fried catfish, so do a search for that. ... Add other crunchy veggies if you like (jicama is a good suggestion) and spike the ...
You could do something like a tomato/corn/avocado salad. ... Corn Pudding or Jiffy Scalloped Corn (My mom use to serve the Jiffy when we ...
Mar 19, 2012 ... Thing is, I can't really promise you that the next couple of weeks are going to be a lot better on the baked ... These enchiladas do look amazing.
Aug 8, 2012 ... I'm making chicken enchiladas for a crew of cowboys who are working on putting out a wildfire here in our ... Thank you! ... We usually just do spanish rice and refried beans. ... Just before serving, add the seltzer to the pitcher.
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What Do You Serve with Enchiladas