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Mar 14, 2012 ... A trap to catch river eels. ... Thumbnail 7:27. Watch Later hauling eel traps by Nathan Cunningham 11,589 views; Thumbnail 5:24. Watch Later
Sep 18, 2012 ... hauling eel traps in south western nova scotia. ... simple to make Pipe eel traps - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported by ...
You can make these traps simply by tying branches, sticks, brush etc. into ... Eels and other long thin fish can be caught by setting tubes for them to use as ...
Making a hīnaki. The hīnaki (eel pot) was a basket-like pot that was set in open water with bait, ... The eels would smell the bait, and swim upstream to find it.
I use a killie trap with the middle section added making it longer. ... I did some research then and found that true eel traps have double funnels at each entrance .
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How to Make Eel Pots