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version of this using powdered dextrose is one of the tastiest sausages I have ever made. Basically, this is the Kutas recipe for Lebanon bologna with honey substituted, with a little extra, and using venison larded with back fat instead of beef. 10 pounds venison 2-3 pounds back fat 5 ounces salt 2

Instructions With the temperature skyrocketing into the 40s last weekend (back to 4 inches of snow tonight), It was time to do some smokin'!!! Put on a 10# brisket with Cookie's Dry Rub, a 5# pork loin with Eastern Carolina Rub (both from the archives). Also put on two 2# venison roasts and

GOOD! Times approx.

This is a great recipe for the hunter that likes to make there own bologna. I use the ground sausage you find in your local gerocery store. I like the Jimmy Dean Ground Pork Sausage thats in the plastic bags. Dont use the sausage that already has casings on it. You can leave out the liquid smoke and

A recipe for Trail Bologna containing ground venison water liquid smoke garlic powder pepper Morton Tender Quick
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How to Make Venison Bologna