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Bookmark this valuable site 1 lb. Venison 1 Knockwurst or one quarter kielbasa Salt and pepper 1 tbsp. bacon fat 1 egg 1 small onion 1/8 tsp. Thyme 1/8 tsp. Oregano garlic powder to taste 1 ounce sherry Mix sausage and ground venison. Combine with remaining ingredients exceptr cider. Brown until

We did this during WW2 to make it stretch farther and I still like it today. Any kind of ground meat can be used.

In a large bowl combine the ground venison, cracker crumbs, eggs, soup, chopped onion, minced garlic, salt and pepper. Mix until well blended. Shape into 8 patties. Add oil to skillet. Cook patties until no longer pink in the middle. Drain any excess fat. To the skillet add the rest of the soup and

In a large bowl combine the ground venison, chopped onion, garlic, parsley, red wine and soy sauce. Mix well. Shape into 8 patties and fry or grill until no longer pink in the middle. Top with cheese and cook until cheese melts. Serve on buns with your favorites condiments.

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Ingredients: Venison burger made with, Venison sirloin cut in, Oil up to 4, Garlic minced fine, Onion chopped, (29-oz) chopped tomatoes, Chili powder, Cumin, Kosher salt, Black pepper, Smoked habanero powder, SMOKED HABANERO POWDER, Chipotles (smoked jalapenos), Smoked habanero chiles, ...
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How to Make Venison Burger