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Mar 16, 2005 ... This recipe is definitely not for anyone on any kind of diet, but if you are not worried about fats, carbs, sugars or calories ... Pecan Cobbler is one of the most delicious and rich desserts I have ever tried. ... By Susie in Texas.
Mar 18, 2010 ... To make crust: Cut the butter into the flour until mixture looks like coarse meal. With a large fork, work in the ice water until the dough comes ...
Oct 6, 2010 ... Could you try to find a recipe for Pecan Pie Cobbler? I had it ..... In Texas where the pecan is king, it's puh cahn with the emphasis on the cahn.
Nov 17, 2010 ... The majority of the pecan cobbler recipes I saw, however, had a pecan-pie ... After a little more digging, at last I discovered a recipe on Texas ...
Pastries of refrigerated pie crusts separated by pecans, sugar and corn syrup mixture turn into a delicious pie cobbler – perfect for baked dessert.
Dec 21, 2008 ... ... Texas to watch a dear friend of ours daughter graduate from Texas A&M. ... For dessert my husband and I split a pecan cobbler with vanilla ice cream. ... I am a fan of almost any cobbler but I have to say, the ones with a real ...
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Recipe for Texas Pecan Cobbler