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Place pork neck bones in a covered pot with sauerkraut, simmer until they are deliciously tender. Put a pinch of sugar and some fried onions in the sauerkraut, and then load the pot with the neck bones.

NOTE: This recipe should really be classified under soul food, (black New Orleans cooking), but you do not have that catagory listed.

Whenever a recipe changes hands it never really does taste the same, does it... I know that recipe. EVERYBODY says nobody makes it like ...

Neck bones (NAMP 421) are the small bones from the head end of the backbone. Neck bones are one of the most flavorful and inexpensive parts of the pig. They consist of part of the backbone and ribs with small bits of very tender and flavorful meat. Neck bones can be used as a flavoring for cooked

Question Hello Silvia, My name is Jacqueline Nicholson, my Grandmother, was born in Northern Italy and my Grandfather was born in Calabria. My question to you is do you know how to make a Tomatoe Sauce with just Sauce and Pork Neck Bones as the meat? My Grandmother made a Absolutly Wonderful Sauce
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How to Cook Pork Neck Bones