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Oct 9, 2013 ... Steamed Rice Cake - Other names for this recipe are "banh bo", "cow cake" and " bak tong gou" (which literally means white sugar cake).
Feb 4, 2014 ... Get the full recipe and pictures: ... How to Make Chinese Steamed Rice Cake? This was always one of my favourite things to eat for breakfast as ...
Sep 28, 2012 ... These 2 recipes are even simpler than the steamed cake recipe in my ... of rice flour playing with steaming different rice cake and radish cake.
This traditional steamed Chinese New Year cake, known in Mandarin as nian ... Sweet rice flour, also known as glutinous rice flour or mochiko, is produced from ...
How to Make Chinese New Year Cake Nian Gao (Sticky Rice Cake). ... the steam and then it will be extremely difficult for you to finish cooking your cake. There's ...
Chinese sponge cake – the secret to this recipe for Chinese sponge cake lies ... ( Be sure to poke holes in the can to allow steam to escape). ... for Cooking Chinese Food Video · Rice Cake - Pandan Rice Cake Recipe · Do You Need a Wok?
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Chinese Steamed rice Cake Recipe