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Jan 25, 2004 ... This prime rib roast recipe from produces a juicy, tender roast that is sure to impress all your guests at your next holiday gathering.
Dec 23, 2006 ... Prime rib recipe, how to cook to perfection a standing rib beef roast, step-by-step instructions ... I have 2 roasts – a 5 lb roast and a 3 lb roast.
Jan 13, 2009 ... We all devoured our little 3 lb prime rib. My husband and I couldn't believe how great it tasted and loved the fact that we could cut it with a fork.
Feb 19, 2007 ... The secret to cooking a Prime Rib Roast is starting with USDA Prime. Sear-in the juices at 425 Degrees for 15 minutes then slow-roast at 325 ...
This prime rib roast is cooked by the traditional method of roasting on high and then finishing at a lower temperature for a perfect medium rare.
PERFECT PRIME RIB EVERYTIME. Preheat oven to 550°F degrees. Make a rub of salt, pepper and garlic powder and apply to meat. Place meat in a shallow ...
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How to Cook a 3lb Prime Rib