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A nice change from canned tuna, canned salmon is great in a variety of patties, chowder and pasta dishes.
Oct 10, 2013 ... Canned salmon is affordable and can be substituted for expensive fresh salmon in lots of recipes.
Make great tasting meals in minutes with Alaska canned salmon: Alaska canned salmon is shelf-stable and ready when you are. It's also fully cooked - no ...
Sep 11, 2013 ... I used to turn up my nose at canned salmon — and canned fish in ... Recipe: Southeast Asian Salmon & Rice Cakes with Sriracha Mayo.
These are our favorite canned salmon recipes. We have included only those we actually use at home and on the boat. Try them using Pure Alaska Salmon.
I want to add more salmon to my diet - canned is the cheapest and most ... a post, but didn't see any with my recipe for salmon salad, which is:.
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Canned Salmon Recipe