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Instructions Grind the pork and fatback to a medium to coarse grind, and mix well with the other ingredients. Stuff into sausage casings, and tie them off so that each sausage is about six inches long. You can omit this step and make sausage patties if you like. Fresh sausage should be used quickly,

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"An interesting and simple meal with a bit of zing. Use the juices for dipping a nice hunk of Italian bread (or any bread for that matter)."

This is great recipe for tailgaiting. I doubled the recipe and made it in the crock ... a really good sausage dip recipe that I take to ...

My grandfather Joe Luquet used to make his own hot sausage for the meat counter at Niedermeier's, the Bywater neighborhood grocery store he and my grandmother Dot Luquet née Niedermeier used to run at the corner of Mazant and Royal Streets. I was a little too young to remember how he did

A recipe for Creole Hot Sausage - - Ingredients -
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How to Make Hot Sausage