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Oct 31, 2006 ... So last night I decided to make this great sounding chili recipe I got off of the ... to take the heat out of chili when you accidentilly put too much hot stuff in? ... More of the 'mild' spices if necessary... and serve it with potato or rice.
Make more chili without spice and add it to the original batch and stir! ... which is the chemical in peppers that makes them hot, this chili powder is all real chilis ... free chili or you could mix with the chili you already use to make a milder version.
Instead of throwing away a batch of chili and starting from scratch, adjust the mixture before or after serving so everyone enjoys a bowl of milder homemade chili.
It didn't make it sweeter, it just mellowed both the mild chili pepper flavor ... I served "to hot" chili over rice that helped with sour cream on top.
Make sure you keep the heat hot enough for the meat to fry and become brown, .... What it does have is a goodly amount of mild chille like Anaheims, dried and ...
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How Do You Make Hot Chili Mild