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Is bird's nest soup really made from bird's nests? Find out more and try out a recipe.
May 18, 2013 ... 傳統名湯-【花旗參冰糖燕窩】是老少皆宜的滋補甜湯。 隔水燉三個鐘。吃起來,有 蛋白香,口感軟滑、 细致、 順口、热喝最佳!冰喝可口!膠原美人湯 ...

Discover ways to cook bird nest and preserve it's nutrients to maximize absorption to ... Each piece of Blissful Bird Nest is good for 1~2 bowls of Bird Nest soup
Jun 13, 2012 ... Easy recipe for bird's nest soup, a nourishing and beautifying Chinese tong shui.
May 2, 2013 ... Explore food and cooking on Devour – a Cooking Channel blog, including easy recipes, how to's and cooking techniques, global cuisines, food ...
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Recipe for Bird Nest Soup