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Every great grill master has a secret weapon. Make yours A.1. Sauce. It's the base of our easy marinade that makes tangy, flavorful steak every time. Grill on.
Couple of warnings though, the brand of steak sauce and dressing you use can drastically change the flavor of your marinade. I have made with both A-1 and ...
Sep 23, 2010 ... Combine steak sauce, oil, pepper, and garlic. Place steak in plastic bag; add marinade, turning to coat. Close bag securely and marinate in ...
A1 Steaksauce. LOADING. A.1. Bold & Spicy with Tabasco. Bold 'N' Saucy ... Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts. A.1. STEAKHOUSE Marinade Teriyaki.
Pour remaining steak sauce mixture over steaks in baking dish; turn to evenly coat both sides of steak with sauce. Refrigerate 30 min. to marinate. Heat grill to ...
A1 Steaksauce · Steakhouse Expertise Recipes Products How-To Videos Steakhouse Burgers. A1 Steaksauce. LOADING. BOLD 'N' SAUCY BURGER.
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A1 Steak Sauce Marinade