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Roll meat cubes in...until meat is somewhat tender . Add more suit taste. Bake corn bread in an oblong...serve topped with hot stew.

In Dutch oven or...cook 10 minutes. Add corn ; cook 5 minutes....or until meat is fork- tender , vegetables are crisp...are heated through. Serves 4.

Over the years, I developed this corned beef recipe for sandwiches. If I'm making it for a party, I make 3-4 briskets because it's always the first thing to go. Don't be afraid of the amount of garlic--no one has ever complained that it's too garlicky. It can also be used to make the traditional

Aficionados of corned beef can avoid the low-brow smell of cooking their dish by using an oven instead of just boiling. Oven-braised corned beef brisket and St Paddy's potatoes with green sauce are two recipes appropriate for celebrating St Patrick's Day. Irish immigrants plunked corned beef
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How to Make Tender Corned Beef