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The greatest risk for food poisoning is from “perishable” foods such as meat, ... Although your children may enjoy tuna and chicken salad sandwiches, these are  ...
For tuna salad, I would think the tuna would spoil quickest. This is from Bumblebees website regarding canned or pouched seafood; "once cans or pouches are ...
So does anyone here know how long they would be safe? ... says 3-5 days for tuna and egg salad, and cooked chicken, but did not mention ...
Nov 12, 2008 ... Mayonnaise is a special problem, as it spoils very quickly. I'd dump the 2-week old tuna salad and have something else. 1. Comment.
Answers to sell and use by dates, shelf life, and how to store salad and tell if ... Tuna Salad lasts for, 3-5 Days ... How to tell if salad is bad, rotten or spoiled?
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Does Tuna Salad Spoil