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A traditional recipe for turkey. All recipes, unless noted otherwise, are genuine Kentucky and Southern recipes over 100 years old.

Place turkey in large pot and...stove and bring to boil . When boiling put...pot. Then add the wings and legs. Cover again...turkey moist, flavorful and delicious.

Cook macaroni and drain. Add rest of ingredients except eggs and tomato. Arrange wedges of tomato in center of salad. Surround this with wedges of ...

Boiled Turkey Recipe, part of the classic American culinary arts. ... such as Boiled Turkey Recipe are classics from nineteenth century ...

Grate the bread very fine, and be careful that no large lumps remain; put it into a basin with the suet, which must be very finely minced, or, when butter is used, that must be cut up into small pieces. Add the herbs, also chopped as small as possible, and seasoning; mix all these well together,
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Boiled Turkey Recipes