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Nov 26, 2010 ... Dear Barbara: In regard to Michael Warren's twist on stuffing (Lodi Living cover, Nov. 20), can the cooked end product be frozen without being ...
Nov 19, 2010 ... As for the turkey, home cooks are better off leaving cooking and freezing .... For a moist, prebaked stuffing that's been frozen and defrosted, Mr.
stuffing can be prepared ahead of time and chilled. However, do not mix wet ... there are ice crystals in the turkey and the stuffing is still frozen, it is safe to cook.
Will it lose any flavor? no, not flavor. What you want to be concerned with is the texture and the style. I would not put frozen stuffing inside a turkey unless it was ...
Jan 4, 2008 ... I made 2 batches of Stuffing. ... After we eat our meal, I freeze the turkey and stuffing in meal-sized ... Misson accomplished..stuffing is frozen.
The freezer time shown is for best quality only — foods kept constantly frozen at 0 ° F will keep safe ... How long does turkey stuffing last at room temperature?
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Can Turkey Stuffing Be Frozen