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Nov 10, 2009 ... The way I see it, cooking stuffing inside a turkey turns the turkey into a ..... You're in a lot more danger from the drive to where you're having ...
Nov 25, 2013 ... The "danger zone" is between 40 and 140°F — the temperature range ... However, if you place stuffing inside the turkey, do so just before ...
Nov 20, 2010 ... There are ways to minimize the risks involved with stuffing your turkey. Rule number one: Do not stuff the bird until right before it goes in the ...
I always remember the stuffing being cooked in the turkey when I was .... dinner at my sister-in-law's who thinks it's dangerous to stuff a turkey.
Health Risks. There is a health risk involved with placing stuffing inside the turkey cavity while it is cooked. The stuffing can develop bacteria if it is not cooked to ...
Is it dangerous to roast a turkey in a disposable aluminum pan? The danger ... Leftover turkey, stuffing and gravy should be used within one month after freezing .
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Dangers of Stuffing the Turkey