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This is your mini-cookbook for How to Make a Turkey Stitch. You may also be interested in these other popular Turkey recipes:
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Nov 2, 2012 ... Turkey Work in Hand Embroidery - ... I have a fashion class and your stitches are AMAZING and easy to replicate.
Mar 5, 2008 ... This stitch was taken from volume 3 in Di's One on One Workshops series and shows you in detail how to make a Turkey ...
Apr 18, 2009 ... The term “Turkey work” has nothing to do with the bird, by the way. It's from Turkey, the country - it's a rug stitch commonly used there, and the ...
How to do the Ghiordes Knot [Turkey Work] in hand Embroidery ... This stitch will surly add a bit of dimensional flair to your hand Embroidery projects, so enjoy!
Jan 9, 2013 ... Hand Embroidery Tutorials by Sarah. turkey rug knot - Also known as: Ghiordes knot ... You can also try the edge of a fabric to create this stitch.
Turkeywork or turkey tufting has become a generic term for a variety of stitches that all create the same basic effect. The Ghiordes knot, the Surrey stitch and the  ...
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How to Make a Turkey Stitch