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Select a Frozen Fully Cooked Smoked Turkey from Butterball® for a rich flavor alternative that fits any type of gathering.
The word Butterball is synonymous with turkey dinners. For the less culinary inclined public, the Butterball company has introduced fully cooked frozen turkeys in baked, broiled and smoked varieties. ... How to Reheat a Hickory Farms Ham.
I saw some butterball frozen smoked turkeys at my local aldi last weekend ... Precooked so you just thaw and reheat, with a light smoke flavor.
I am going to be smoking some turkeys for some people at... ... some more info and see what people said about how to cook it and how to reheat it. .... The Butterball website says that a cooked frozen or fresh turkey should be ...
Get Answers about butterball turkey breast and Ask your ...
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Reheat Butterball Smoked Turkey