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Before your turkey goes in the smoker you will want to add some flavor to the bird . This is best done with a spice rub. You can use pretty much anything you want ...
This mild jerk seasoning adds a fantastic flavor to turkey whether you are going to grill, smoke, or deep fry it. Remember when applying a rub to poultry you have ...
Smoked turkey and grilled turkey taste spectacular, and there are tricks in this ... to a thick goo and you will be unable to properly rub on the spices and herbs.
Or you can try our Magic Turkey Rub. This wonderful turkey rub recipe uses Italian seasoning herbs, and Smoked Paprika, to greatly enhance your spice rack's ...
Nov 8, 2006 ... This turkey goes with recipes for Recipe #194583 and Recipe #194648. Make sure to begin early enough to allow for marinating time.
From smoky-sweet to hot 'n' spicy, these easy-to-make spice rubs are great for adding an instant punch of flavor to your Thanksgiving turkey.
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Smoked Turkey Rub