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What is left is a kind of gum that can be used like opium: smoked or ..... for 8 hour DO NOT BOIL boiling will make wild lettuce opium evaporate.
Wild "opium" Lettuce Extraction methods is from Other Drugs forum, part of the Hip ... (Applying dried herb will make the resin burn easier.)
Jul 11, 2012 ... Wild Opium lettuce 1- harvesting/ cutting the plant ... Watch Later How to make opium tea by Paul de Wit 32,456 views; Thumbnail 5:48
"lettuce opium" sucks. even smoking an extract, i felt that chammoile tea was ... BUT an opioid tolerance will make one tolerant to the enkephalinase inhibitor.
I know wild opium lettuce is an edible and I know I can eat the above ... eaten the wild lettuce it has made me sleepy and it did not make me sick ...
Another method is to make an extract. Soak 100 grams of wild lettuce herb for 8 hours in warm but not boiling water. Then sift and press all the liquid out of the ...
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How to Make Lettuce Opium