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A little simple Halloween magic with household items will make your Jack O' Lantern last a week longer!
Sep 23, 2013 ... Last year we learned a handy tip for making our carved pumpkins last longer. This was especially helpful to us here on Growing a Jeweled ...
As we carved the jack o' lanterns, we tried to make each one distinctive to .... The next day, however, we could no longer deny that the bleach pumpkin had a serious problem. ... We tossed it and turned our attention to the last two survivors.
The great pumpkin preservation study investigates different methods of preserving your pumpkin. ... Vaseline Stinks At Making Your Pumpkin Last Longer.
Before you begin to carve your pumpkin, make sure the stem is thick and strong ... but tools that are very sharp will create cleaner cuts that will help it last longer.
Make sure that the area you choose has good ventilation. Otherwise, the air can ... A pumpkin of higher quality will last longer and better than one of low quality.
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How to Make Pumpkins Last Longer