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A Choice Organize your recipes and simplify meal planning...Download the Cook'n Recipe Organizer for FREE! Vegetable Relish Trays is from the Cook'n Lite & Healthy collection. Click here to get this CD or download the recipes right now! Have fun with your relish trays. Use a variety of

Mix thoroughly as each...touch of paprika. Suggested vegetables : Carrots, zucchini onion wedges. Cover tray with romaine lettuce the center of tray .

Combine all ingredients Line a baking tray with aluminum foil. Spread...and at least one vegetable . Serve as an...with the aid of toothpick.

Sauces Italian Tomato Sauce: Use 1 gallon of your favorite pasta sauce. Pour some of the sauce over meatballs in the last 30-45 minutes of cooking. Serve in additional heated sauce Barbecue: Use 1 gallon (64-ounces) of your favorite sauce. Pour some of the sauce over meatballs in the last 30 minutes

This tray is a stand alone pre-dinner tray for 50-60 people. If served on an appetizer table in conjunction with other veggie trays and appetizers, it will easily serve 100.
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How to Make Vegetable Trays