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11. Put in the vegetables, garlic, then vegetables again, and so on. Add 1 heaping tablespoon of salt for each liter of hot water that you will add to the barrel.

Recipe: Garlic Pickles Categories: Relishes Yield: 60 Servings 4 Heads of Cauliflower 4 Heads of Green Cabbage 1 bn Fresh Carrots 1 Head of Garlic 1 bn Celery 4 lb Kirby Cucumbers 15 tb Salt 10 l Hot water 2 tb Mustard seeds 2 tb Peppercorns 4 Bay leaves These are the approximate ingredients you

Recipe: Garlic Dill Pickles Categories: Vegetables Yield: 8 Pints 4 lb Pickling cucumbers (3-4 in) 6 c Water 4 1/2 c Apple cider vinegar 6 tb Pickling salt 3/4 ts Crushed red pepper (opt) 16 Clove of garlic - split 16 Head of fresh dill Wash cucumbers and remove 1/16 inch from blossom end. In a 3

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that you can serve with any Southern dish. This recipe assumes you are familiar with the basics of canning foods. Select cucumbers that are about 3-5 inches long, with no blemishes. You can use any type cucumber, not just pickling cukes. You may slice the cucumbers or use them whole. I like the
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How to Make garlic Pickles