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HOT SPINACH DIP Yield: 1 Batch ...SALlie Kratz - NXMB21A 2 pk Frozen chopped spinach 2 tb Butter 2 tb Flour 2 tb Chopped onion 1/2 c Evaporated milk 1/2 c Liquid from spinach 1/2 ts Black pepper 3/4 ts Celery salt 3/4 ts Garlic salt 1/2 ts Salt 6 oz Jalapeno cheese 1 ts Worcestershire sauce Red

2 packages (10 oz each) frozen chopped spinach 1/4 cup margarine 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour 1/2 cup evaporated milk 1/2 cup spinach liquid 6 ounces jalapeno pepper cheese, grated 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground pepper 1/2 teaspoon celery salt 1/2 teaspoon garlic salt 1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire

We serve this cheesy, garlicky spinach dip with pieces of warm crusty bread. Makes about 1 2/3 cups of dip. 90g baby spinach leaves 80g cream cheese, softened 100g grated cheddar cheese 100g grated Parmesan cheese 100g mayonnaise 2 cloves garlic, crushed 1 large eschallot/green onion, chopped (use

A spiced up version of the original. Made with salsa and monterey jack cheese to give it a mexican kick, served with tortilla chips for a perfect dip..

Sautee the spinach with garlic in butter. Add the chopped artichoke hearts and cream cheese, and heat until the cream cheese is melted. Mix in the Parmesan, salt/pepper, and Tabasco sauce (I don't measure it - I just put in a bunch). This can be made ahead to this point and refrigerated. When

COMBINE spinach souffle, cream cheese, milk, and soup mix in a heavy saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, stirring constantly, until blended. Remove from heat, and stir in sour cream and hot sauce. Serve hot with corn chips.
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