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Fry the bacon, reserve the drippings (just not for this recipe), drain, and crumble. Don't wipe out the pan. Mix the sugar, salt, eggs, vinegar and 2 c. water. Heat the pan you cooked the bacon in and bring to a boil. Mix the flour and water together, then mix into the pan, and stir until the

This hot bacon dressing is based on memories of the wilted leaf lettice salads my mother used to make. I also love this dressing on cobb salads, chef's salads and spinach salads.

Instructions Combine water, sugar, vinegar, salt, soup base and pepper. Heat to boiling. In a separate pan brown bacon. Remove bacon to water mixture. Fry onions in bacon fat until soft but not brown. Add flour and let it bubble up to 2-3 minutes. Add this roux to hot water mixture. Stir until

Instructions Saute bacon and drain off 2/3 of pan drippings leaving 1/3 third in pan. Add celery and onion and saute. Add vinegar and turn up the heat to reduce by half. Then add the dijon mustard and seasonings, sugar, and kitchen bouquet. Cook a bit then add the cornstarch mixture (cornstarch +
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Bacon Dressing Recipe