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MULTI- GRAIN BREAD Yield: 2 Loaves 1 pk Yeast 1 tb Sugar 2 c Whole wheat flour 3/4 c Rye flour 3/4 c Wheat germ 3/4 c Unprocessed bran 1/2 c Nonfat dry milk powder 1/2 c Sunflower seeds 1 ts Salt 1 ea Egg 1 3/4 c Boiling water 1/2 c Cracked wheat (bulgur) 1/2 c 7-grain mixture (or millet) 1 tb

I love multi-grain bread. I'm not talking about the kind that you buy in the supermarket, bagged and sliced next to the white bread. I'm talking about the hearty, flavorful kind that you can get on a sandwich at a really great cafe. It's the kind of bread that is invariably paired with a

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Directions All ingredients should be at room temperature. Combine boiling water with cracked wheat, 7-grain mixture, molasses and oil. Cool to room temperature. Add first 10 ingredients in the order listed to the pan, pour in cooled grain mixture. Add to bread mixer or knead manually. For a milder

The bread was hearty with an oaty, nutty flavor. It was moist and very substantial, but that is a trait that you want in a bread like this, since it can stand up to any filling. It can even stand up to a total lack of filling and be satisfying! The crust is thick and crisp, really excellent. One of
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Multi Grain Bread Recipes