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Jan 21, 2009 ... YES!! bake the cake in any pan you desire. Remember glass conducts heat better than the metal pans so lower your oven temp to 325 F.
I want to bake a cake, but don't have any metal baking pans. And, I bake cakes so infrequently that I don't want to buy any for this one cake I ...
Learn how to frost layer cakes and how to freeze cake. Get tips on ... If you use dark nonstick or glass baking pans, follow the manufacturer's directions. You may  ...
This is because glass heats more quickly and retains its heat longer. ... cake flavor) Duncan Hines cake mix and one 12 oz can of pop to make moist dairy ... Everytime i bake a cake i use a glass baking dish and it seems like the heat is ... Do you need to lower the temperature another 25 degrees if using a convection oven?
Stores far and wide sell tempered glass dishes for baking and cooking – many marketed precisely for this purpose – and yet many cooks still wonder, “Are glass  ...
Nov 26, 2012 ... Using metal and glass baking pans require you to make a few ... How to Make Cake Without Oven by Attamma TV 149,707 views; Thumbnail ...
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Can You Bake a Cake in a Glass Pan