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When I first saw Wilton's Giant Cupcake Pan , I thought that the bakeware company had outdone themselves in the design department. A giant version of one of the cutest baked goods out there, and a specialty pan that isn't tied to any particular season and can be used year round? A clear

If you don't want the sticky sweet mess of ice cream or just want to try something very different and lots of fun, try making an ice cream cone cupcake. These cupcakes are baked in ice cream cones and when they bake, the batter rises up over the top to look just like real ice cream. Except its

Do you ever dream about food? It happens to me on occasion, but I never really thought out the implications of the dream, I just thought I was hungry or possibly craving a food that my diet would not let me eat -- That is until now.
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Cupcake in a Cone Recipe