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Instructions Cover stoned prunes with water, bring to boil, and leave until cold. Cook apple with 1 tbls water, allow to cool (or use commercial apple sauce). You can use all prune puree, or all apple. I've never used all apple, but frequently use all prune. Puree prunes and apples in food

Instructions Before starting cake, put peel, glac, cherries, sultanas, currants in a casserole. Mix thoroughly with hands, cover, bake in oven at 220oF (108oC) - 240oF (115oC). Cook 20 minutes or until sticky and completely heated, stir at least once with fork. Take out baked fruit mixture, let it

This luscious pound cake has a nutty top crust, and is moist and flavorful. Makes a great gift. You can use halved maraschino cherries instead, if you prefer.

Beat the butter until it is soft and creamy then add the caster sugar and beat the mixture with the lemon rind until light and fluffy in both colour and texture. Beat the eggs together then add them gradually to the creamed mixture, beating well between each addition. Sift together the flour and

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Food and Wine Dictionary: Dundee cake, International Recipes is the largest and longest-running recipe exchange group in the world with ...
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Recipe for Dundee Cake