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This glorious cream cheese fudge recipe is quick and easy to prepare since unlike most fudge recipes it does not have to sit for an hour before beating. It combines the indescribable decadent flavour of cream cheese with utopian dark chocolate to create a rich fudge that begs to be eaten.

Very easy-to-make fudge I gave as a gift to my landlady in North Carolina for several years.

Sinfully delicious!!!!! An easy recipe that can be made ahead of time so you can just sit back and enjoy later. Absolutely heavenly!

Instructions Servings: 1 pound DIRECTIONS: Beat cream cheese and cream until smooth. Gradually beat in sugar. Add melted chocolate and blend. Stir in vanilla, salt, and chopped nuts. Press into buttered 8x4x2" pan and chill. Cut in squares. Source: Mom's old magazine clippings- 1940's

A recipe for Cream Cheese Fudge - - Ingredients -
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Recipe for Cream Cheese Fudge