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I've tasted vegan cream cheese frosting made with Tofutti brand cream cheese and it tasted more like the "real thing" than other vegan cream cheese brands I've tried. However, any brand vegan cream cheese will do. Even if they taste less like actual cream cheese, they still taste

In a small saucepan, melt the margarine over low heat until just melted. Remove it from the heat immediately. In a medium mixing bowl sift together powdered sugar and cocoa powder. Pour margarine in another medium mixing bowl. Allow to cool a bit. Add cream cheese to margarine and mix with electric

There used to be a chinese restaurant here that made Spinach Rangoons. They were the same as Crab Rangoons but vegetarian. The spinach was finely chopped and they were soooo yummy. :lick: Spinach Rangoons would be easy to veganize with the Tofutti stuff.

An orange cream cheese frosting recipe adds the perfect touch to a light lemon or vanilla cake. This vegan frosting recipe uses vegan cream cheese.

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This 'frosting' was supposed to be vegan cheesecake, but it wasn't setting up and adding a vegetarian gelatin, agar agar, didn't seem to help. After a couple of days the 'frosting' has set more into a thick pudding/mousse that stays wonderfully on the muffins. I'll
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Vegan Cream Cheese Recipe