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MAPLE BROILED CHICKEN BREAST 4-6 1" pieces of chicken breast 1/3 strips of bacon, 1 per chicken piece ¼ cup maple syrup ¼ tsp. horseradish Mix syrup and horseradish. Wrap each chicken piece with 1/3 strip bacon and secure with a toothpick. Place on broiler pan, brush with syrup,

BROILED CHICKEN BREAST WITH BLUE CHEESE 2 chicken breast halves 1 c. + 1 tbsp. fine bread crumbs 1/3 c. blue cheese 1 tsp. thyme (chopped) 1 tbsp. butter 3 tbsp. parsley (chopped) Salt, freshly ground black pepper to taste Pound the breast halves lightly to flatten. Dredge in 1 cup crumbs and broil

I found this in one of the supermarket cookbooks that can be found by the cash register. It' really good, but the real reason for getting it posted is that it is needed for

Broiled Chicken Melt a la San Diego. A very good sandwich that I hope you enjoy. With chicken, bacon, cheese and guac it is a must have.

Ingredients: Chicken breasts boned with, Wings attached, Salt and pepper, Soy sauce, Maple syrup, Sesame or olive oil, Red wine vinegar, Garlic finely minced, Red pepper flakes, ...
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Broiled Chicken Breast