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Fill a crab steamer with 1 part water and 1 part apple cider vinegar. Heat on high until the liquid comes to a full rolling boil. Add live hard shell crabs to the steamer sprinkling each layer generously with the dry seasoning mix.

"Down, you bastards!" Maybe I should start from before when this picture was taken. Last Friday, new year's eve, Renee and I decided to seek out some live blue crabs. I placed a call to a fish house on Cortez, and they directed me to Snead Island Crab and Fish House. As it turns out,

The local Asian grocery store sells live blue crabs, about 6" in diameter. You pick them out yourself from crates using tongs, and put them in a paper bag. They sell them by weight, but it works out to around $1 each. I like buying them mainly for the novelty. But what do I do with them? Right

Method First, make a stock. Divide the vegetables in two, and cut into medium chunks. Put the crabs and vegetables into cold water, season and bring to boil. Remove half the crabs at this stage. Simmer for 2 hours Strain. Pound the crabs into a pulp. In a large pot, simmer the remaining vegetables

I don't believe you will ever find live soft shells in a market. Even in Louisiana I never saw such a thing. The problem is if you keep them alive the shells harden and then you have plain old crabs.
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How to Cook Live Crabs