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This is your mini-cookbook for How to Make a Trot Line for Crabbing. You may also be interested in these other popular Crab recipes:
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A trotline is defined as "a comparatively short setline used near shore or along ... running a trotline is one of the most efficient methods of crabbing because it .... Make sure you test the consistency after each use, adding salt to keep it just right.
The lighter (cheaper) line starts out with a fiber core with the premium grade line ( like nylon or polyester) spun around the fiber core to make the finished line.
Feb 3, 2013 ... Trot Line Crabbing on the Wye River - YouTube. Subscribe 48. All comments (4). Share your thoughts. Top comments. Stream. walter spence.
Tip: To make a slip knot hold the trotline in your left hand with your ... I use 25' of anchor line so that in the fall I still have plenty of line to crab in ...
Aug 20, 2010 ... Running 1200' trot line on the Bush River in Maryland. ... crabbing with the new trotline. by JEEP2001MRED 11,365 views; 6:49 .... bush. not every one uses traps but i make my own there alot easier to deal with than trot line. i ...
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How to Make a Trot Line for Crabbin...