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A delicious recipe for Godiva Chocolate Martini, with Godiva® chocolate liqueur, creme de cacao, vodka and half-and-half. Also lists similar drink recipes.
A delicious recipe for Chocolate Martini, with vodka and creme de cacao. Also lists similar drink recipes.
Cocktail recipe for a Chocolate Martini, a delicious and indulgent chocolate- flavored drink with vodka and creme de cacao.
Mar 30, 2007 ... Site Map. ... Pour into a chilled cocktail glass that is rimmed with chocolate syrup.
Chocolate martinis are delicious and they're the perfect drink for the chocolate lover or for romantic ... Original source of white chocolate martini recipe, Howcast,  ...
These chocolate martinis are served in martini glasses coated with chocolate syrup and garnished with maraschino cherries. Use the cherries to slowly stir the  ...
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Chocolate Martinis Recipe