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"When my four sons, one daughter and their families come to visit this egg dish is devoured in a hurry...even if I double it! The Swiss cheese is a nice change from the usual cheddar cheese."

Great for weekends when you have guests.

Stir soup over medium heat until hot and smooth. Remove from heat and stir in sherry; set aside. Toss cheese lightly in a small bowl to blend; set aside. Beat together the eggs, milk, parsley, dill weed and pepper; set aside.

This gorgeous little recipe is perfect for Christmas or New Year's morning, because all you have to do when you want to eat is assemble and bake. See how to make it in Step by Step Scrambled Eggs in Puff Pastry . You can omit the puff pastry shells if you'd like. Make the eggs are directed
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A Recipe for Make ahead Scrambled E...